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We Fit Bras

We Fit Bras

Heavenly Blue invites you for a complimentary bra fitting!

We are located upstairs above Crepeville on the corner of Main and 3rd Streets in Historic Downtown Chico.

We specialize in bra fitting, with many options for everyday bras, fashion bras, post-mastectomy bras and forms, post-surgery bras, nursing bras, and sports bras. We also specialize in foundations, such as strapless bras, corsets and shape wear for brides, mothers of the bride, prom dresses and formal wear. We advise that you bring in your dress before your final alterations for the perfectly matched bra and shape wear.

Come on up! We have an elevator on the Main Street entrance that leads right to our door, and spacious fitting rooms for those with wheelchairs. There is no charge for a fitting, but we highly recommend appointments for Brides. We are happy to offer the finest bras in the world!

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